Berenschot supported the City of Cape Town, South Africa, in preparing a project plan for expanding the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) infrastructure in Cape Town. In this context, Berenschot secured a significant grant funding for the City of Cape Town to be used for the implementation of the BRT project.

For the County Government of Mombasa, Berenschot is currently conducting a feasibility study (focusing on the financial and organizational components of the project) for the introduction of passenger transport over water around Mombasa Island in Kenya, jointly with the County Government of Mombasa, private investors and institutional financiers (African Development Bank, bilateral donors).

About MBA

Mazars Berenschot Africa combines the expertise and experience of Mazars and Berenschot. This joint venture offers you access to our network of 350 in-house consultants of Berenschot and 100 in-house financial experts of Mazars in South Africa.

Mazars is an integral player in auditing, accounting, tax and advisory services in South Africa. Berenschot is an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation.

Directors blog

"Mazars-Berenschot is a colourful firm, consisting of great people of different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, viewpoints and senses of humour.

More importantly, based on our deep knowledge of South Africa, our consultants are able to offer solutions in both the public and private sector. We work for leading organizations in the major sectors, including healthcare, financial services, retail and consumer goods, transport, energy and logistics.

We listen to the market properly and offer our services quickly and effectively. Services whose quality is recognised worldwide, and which assure the customer that they will improve his organisation.

We welcome all organizations to get into touch with us. We are very interested in building solutions and sharing our expertise to your benefit."