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Energy sector

Berenschot supported Philips to translate the company’s ambitions regarding the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid approach’ into a practical pilot project for Ghana. The project aimed at offering off-grid solar lighting solutions for rural consumers. During the implementation of the pilot project in Ghana, Berenschot supported Philips in designing a partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed at providing modern lighting for millions of deprived people in Africa and setting up commercially viable distribution channels for the lighting products.

Berenschot supported TANESCO, the national electricity utility company of Tanzania, in developing an investment project of more than € 35 million. The project aimed at increasing access to electricity by the construction of three power plants, including transmission and distribution, in west and north-west Tanzania. Berenschot assisted TANESCO in developing the technical design, maintenance plan, connection plan, procurement plan, socio-economic impact assessment, environmental and social management plan, financial analysis and training plan. Berenschot realized also grant funding of around € 17 million to enable TANESCO to implement the project.


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